In a world increasingly dominated by haste, having a Personal Concierge to help you with day-to-day tasks is no longer a luxury available to few. Thanks to the flexibility of the monthly services and hourly packages offered by Luxury Moments Group, any client can have a Personal Assistant when they need it most, with a budget strictly adjusted to their needs. Discover in this post everything the team of our Concierge Services company can do for you in Barcelona, ​​Madrid or any Spanish destination.


A Personal Concierge is a personal assistant, a luxury service that can help you complete all your tasks. This service is usually associated with that of a butler or assistant service offered by a hotel. But the truth is that it goes further.

From Luxury Moments Group we have designed packages that adapt to all your needs, so that you can count on your concierge during the hours you need it or on specific days.

The French word concierge is likely derived from the Old French cumcerges, itself related to the Medieval Latin consergius or the Latin conservus (“fellow slave”).

Another possibility, suggested by French authors as early as the 19th century, is that “concierge” is a contraction of comte des cierges (“count of candles”), a servant responsible for maintaining the lighting and cleanliness of medieval palaces.

In medieval times, the concierge was an officer of the king who was charged with executing justice, with the help of his bailiffs. Later on in the 18th century, the concierge was a high official of the kingdom, appointed by the king to maintain order and oversee the police and prisoner records.

Since 1900, this figure has been perfectly integrated into the structure of the hotel staff. Today, concierges are even associated around the world, their motto is “service through friendship”.

A modern concierge may also serve as a lifestyle manager, like a secretary or a personal assistant.


Imagine that someone could do all those tedious tasks that you hate and take so long. These tasks can range from making reservations at your favorite restaurant to buying concert tickets, designing your vacation, or organizing everything you need for your next business meeting.

Can you imagine arriving at your vacation destination and not having to unpack, but start enjoying from the moment you step on the hotel? Or someone to fix your house after a few days outside to avoid any inconvenience? They are just some of the services that a concierge can offer you.

Below, we briefly describe a list of basic tasks that a personal concierge can do for you.

  1. Daily procedures: formalities such as personal purchases, collection and delivery of packages, purchase of gifts, etc.
  2. Housekeeping and order. From the kitchen to the garage. Don’t let these tedious tasks take time away from your enjoyment.
  3. Decoration: at specific times we like to change the decoration of the house. Whether for Christmas or a special event, trust our personal concierges to make your home look perfect.
  4. Moving and traveling: Your assistant can help you pack, sort and transport boxes, as well as unpack everything and put it in order to make the least traumatic experience possible.
  5. Waiting Service: Our assistants can help you save time. Do you have an appointment with your home architect but are you busy? Let our concierge welcome him, give him the necessary instructions and you take advantage of your vacation days to enjoy.
  6. House watch: it is an excellent service for professionals who travel constantly. A concierge can collect your mail, water the plants, and even shop and clean so that on your return your home is perfectly prepared.
  7. Plan Search: Don’t you know where to go to eat or what the destination of your next vacation will be? Ask your concierge to look for upcoming events, possible travel destinations, or anything you need.
  8. Party Planning: A personal concierge can help you with all the details: send invitations, coordinate suppliers, order catering and order decoration. A full service.
  9. Home Maintenance: Keep your home in perfect condition by performing a maintenance check twice a year. A personal concierge can organize this and advise you on any repairs that require your attention.


Why do you need a personal concierge? We all go through stressful stages at some point in our lives and many times this stress comes from small tasks that make us waste time and despair.

This is where the personal concierge comes in. Make reservations, move paperwork, errands, etc. All of this can greatly ease your burden and make your life easier.

The personal concierge service we offer is extremely professional, discreet and efficient. A select group of concierges, experts in solving any problem and who have the necessary contacts to expedite all the tasks you request and thus satisfy all your needs.

And the most important. A concierge offers you exclusivity. Whether it’s a table in a top quality restaurant in Barcelona or a specific room in a hotel for its views. Nothing escapes his abilities. Have you ever had an event and want an image consultant to help you choose your clothes? No problem.

But hiring our concierge services goes far beyond that. Our services facilitate access to VIP areas, private parties, romantic getaways with amazing destinations, private cruises etc. There are no limits.

Of course a professional service like this has no geographic or language barriers. Our concierges are ready to help you with translation or trips anywhere in the world without the slightest problem. We put ourselves at your disposal so that there is no barrier that stands between your desires and needs and what you achieve.

But don’t be fooled. Our concierges will help you in your personal life but can also help you in your work side. Helping you organize meetings, make appointments or do tedious paperwork that only takes time away

Another very common use and highlighted by most of our clients is the suggestion and buy of gifts. A gift says a lot about who makes it. Whether it’s a detail or something incredibly big, it can mark a before and after in interpersonal relationships. This may be pressure. And worst of all, it can mean days of searching for the perfect gift. When it is one, everything is fine. But those times of the year when you give away everywhere can turn into a nightmare. The solution? one of our concierges. If you tell them the profile of the lucky one and something about their tastes, our concierge can help you search, choose and buy the perfect gift. It can even help you send it in a special way, accompanied by flowers, etc. To make it a complete experience.


Having said all this, the advantages of hiring this type of service on a personal level are clear. But what can a personal concierge do for your company? Whatever type of business you have, a personal concierge can be extremely helpful on many occasions.

Are you organizing a corporate trip with your employees? One of our concierges can take care of everything, so all you have to do is think about business. From hotel reservations, flights and restaurants to organizing events at the destination, all that before you step on the hotel. Once there, the concierge can coordinate everything, solve any problem that may arise during your stay and review the agenda and planning, as well as manage any gift, tickets or any detail you want to have with your workers.

However, although this service makes sense in companies in any sector, there are companies for which it has a special meaning.

In the case of banks, our concierges can provide exclusivity and personalized attention to the most exclusive clients so that their businesses flow in the best possible way. We take care of the details so that you focus on your company. We offer you travel assistance and management, event organization, insider information about restaurants and experiences. We want your client to feel even better than at home.

On the other hand, if the sector in which you move is a travel agency, again we have exclusive services for your clients to enjoy the best possible service. One of our assistants can offer extra support to make the service it offers of premium quality.

We get to where other agencies, due to the lack of resources, contacts or time, cannot access and at all times we work with the agencies as partners, increasing the clients experience to get their satisfaction.

Other companies that can greatly benefit from hiring a personal concierge are representative agencies. When their clients are athletes, artists and people of such a level, offering luxury is indispensable. Our concierges can meet the requirements of this type of people used to travel and a premium quality in each of the services they hire.

Another advantage of a personal concierge is that their work has no limit, no duration. We work with the aim of achieving the objectives, in the shortest possible time and always taking into account that the plans can change at any time and that our attendees must be prepared for it, having a unique capacity for reaction.

Among the services that our concierges can offer for your company are:

  • 24/7 personalized attention.
  • Interpreters and translators.
  • General information about etiquette and protocol rules.
  • Personal assistant.
  • Business trips.
  • Private tailor-made trips.
  • Last minute change management.
  • Events organization.
  • Management of family displacement during the event.
  • Management and assistance in air connections.
  • Reservations and management of flights, hotels, restaurants, etc.
  • Luxury cars.
  • Relocation in any city.
  • Moving management.
  • Processing and contracting of schools, domestic service and LifeStyle.
  • Reservations at full capacity events.
  • Last minute reservations in the best places in the city.
  • VIP tickets and hospitality.
  • Help clients on their visits, assist them on their trips, etc.

But how will this affect your brand? You will achieve perfect results, improve your brand profile and your staff will feel relieved.


With all of the above, who wouldn’t want to hire the services of one of our personal concierges? It is usually thought to be a service for people with a very high purchasing power. And it is true that this is an expensive service that involves an economic outlay. From Luxury Moments Group, and always with the aim of adapting to your needs, we have three types of monthly service and many other packages per hour, depending on the volume of attention you need from your personal assistant. All prices include VAT, city travel expenses (up to a maximum of 15km from the city centre) and standard rates for phone calls. If you need us to communicate abroad, make a large volume of calls or go through greater distances, we will negotiate any extra expenses with you to always find the best solution for you.

In this way, we can conclude that hiring a personal concierge can even save you money, time and make your life easier.


Once again, and always to favor and facilitate the task of paying for our services, you can do it in cash, by card or by bank transfer. We adapt to your needs to ensure that the experience is perfect from start to finish.

Did you already know what a concierge is? Have you counted on their services?