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We are here to help in any field and make your life easier

Luxury Moments Group is fully adapted to the times. We will assign you a personal concierge who will act with the utmost confidentiality according to your needs.

Whether private or investor, we offer you solutions and the best experts to find excellent investments in Spain safely and increase your assets.

01. Buy Exclusive Properties

If you want to invest in an exclusive property in Spain, we can find for you among our client portfolio the most select property that you want to buy, and that best suits your needs and desires.

We have access to exclusive properties – luxury villas and mansions – throughout the spanish territory and also to new buildings.

02. Residentials & Hotels

If yoy are looking for real estate investment we have specialized experts with solid experience in the real estate market for any process in this type of investment.

Buildings for sale, hotels for sale, real estate auctions, premises and offices in profitability, plots, etc.

03. Import & Export

Luxury Moments Group have the largest range of import and export products worldwide. We also offer you a wide portfolio of potential customers to offer your products.

We will manage your purchase or sale request with great professionalism and exclusivity.


Why trust Grupo Luxury Moments?

To meet the needs of our most demanding and exclusive clients, who seek to buy or sell assets or are interested in other sectors, we have experts specialized in providing real estate investment advisory services, as well as consulting in investment strategies and asset management.

We collaborate directly with the best and most important private firms in investment, management and comprehensive financial advice on real estate investment in Spain, anywhere in the spanish territory: Balearic Islands, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Málaga, Valencia, Galicia, etc.

With the help of our partners, you will increase your chances of success and be guided in your investment possibilities.

Go to our Contact page and find out about our services and details in which city you want to invest and approximate investment value.
According to your interests we will provide you with the most suitable for your investment.

Other services we offer

Private capital

We have professionals specialized in granting private capital loans to offer you urgent liquidity solutions and finance your projects or whims effectively.

The experience is a degree, and we have excellent specialists who help you in the search, analysis and planning of investment opportunities.

Concierge for investors

Not all people have the same investor profile and, in addition, today the information is so extensive that it should be filtered very well.

The profile of our buyer clients is divided between foreign investors, who are looking for short-term returns that the financial market does not offer, and the national one, who wants to capitalize their money with a secure investment and a long-term mentality. Of course, everyone searches in prime areas.

First of all, we make sure we know the profile of our clients, their time horizon and their most personal needs, adapt to their circumstances and their risk and profitability limitations.

With all that information, we will assign you a concierge for investments that will help you coordinate and manage all your supply and demand needs in the investment market.

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