If you think of a villa, it is more than likely to be transported to the countryside. Perhaps to Italian Tuscany and imagine a large building with lots of light surrounded by beautiful and well-kept gardens. A bucolic environment. And that is what the Roman emperors wanted with their homes. Mainly those who were on the outskirts of the cities to escape for a few days and enjoy a few days of vacation away from the bustle of the city.

I probably imagined it in a classic way: lots of wood, ceramics and country kitchens, but with an elegant touch. And they do not go away, so were the ancient Roman villas, but today we find them modern and minimalist, with all the details that can be imagined but that maintain the basic concepts of the origin of the construction: light and gardening.


But why choose a luxury villa to spend a few days relaxing? In this post we give you 5 reasons why you should not hesitate to rent a luxury villa for your holidays.

  1. Unmatched privacy

 It is impossible for a hotel, however luxurious and exclusive, to offer the privacy of an entire construction at your service. Having the entire property at your disposal guarantees peace and serenity and obviously makes it impossible to share space with other travelers or unpleasant neighbors

  • Unique locations

 A definite advantage of booking a luxury villa is to request an incredible location. Facing the sea, on top of a mountain or in a lake near a lost forest. There are as many options as people and tastes. They are places away from the crowds, outside the tourist map which guarantees you private and totally personalized excursions.

  • You’ve never had so much space

 No matter how large a hotel room is compared to the size of a villa at your disposal. Spacious rooms, bathrooms with unique views and a huge kitchen for you alone. Also large living and outdoor rooms for private use.

The luxury villas we are talking about can also have a movie theater, gym and spa. Everything you want to do on your vacation can become a reality.

  • A totally personalized stay

Staying in a luxury villa means being able to travel at your own pace. There is a level of customization with this experience that hotels cannot match. Essentially, you have your own private hotel and you can customize your experience completely to your tastes.

Do you want to exercise? Find a villa with a state-of-the-art fitness center.

Are you traveling to relax? Choose a secluded place with a Spa Suite.

Book a family trip? Choose something with bunk beds, game rooms and a cinema.

There are many possibilities, even if you want all of the above together, it’s possible to get it.

And not just for stays and facilities. In a property with these characteristics, you can enjoy the freedom to set your own schedule. You don’t have to worry about the time at which breakfast ends, or at what time the pool opens, it’s all there when you want.

Personalized meals so you don’t get bored and you can try everything you want, besides of course, having a personal menu if you wish. This is particularly beneficial for fussy eaters or those traveling with dietary needs; you can eat whenever you want and control exactly how the food is prepared.

  • Possibility of personal concierge in your villa

They are not just large stays for one. We are talking about staff who will be unique and completely at your disposal. Chef, waiter, gardener and concierge.

Do you want to buy flowers or some special decorative items? The concierge can do it so that you just have to enjoy.

Do you find it tedious to make and unpack your luggage? No problem. Our concierge will do it and will order all your belongings as you wish so that you can dedicate yourself to rest.

In summary, the concierge will be your better ally by making your trip a unique experience.


In Spain, luxury tourism has consolidated in recent years. Increasingly, it is committed to build unique stays that have everything necessary to meet the requests of a demanding and increasingly informed consumer. All this in unique places that will make each of your trips an unforgettable experience.

In Spain, the price of exclusive villas in unique enclaves can reach 65 million euros, although the average is around 25-30 million euros. All of them have everything you need for a few days without worries and with whims that will make you feel like a king.

How do you feel? Are you encouraged to try a luxury villa for your next vacation?